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Welcome to Pastora Ristorante & Pizza

Jerry was born in Sicily and was at his mother’s side in the kitchen since age six. Born to parents who loved to cook and bake, it did not take Jerry long to learn how to use a can opener by the young age of 6. His mother always praised him for his help and by age nine he was working in a fish market downstairs from the family’s New York apartment where he earned twenty-five dollars a week. He loved being around food and thrived on the praise. He soon learned more by working in a butcher shop delivering meats and later becoming expert at cutting special portions for customers. His mother taught him how to slice garlic in a variety of ways in order to achieve different flavors as well as other vegetables. Jerry’s new skill of using knives got him work at age 16 as a prep chef at well known New York restaurants. The pressure was on to work hard and keep up with chefs by their side.

Working hard for Jerry and developing an excellent work ethic was easily ingrained by his parents. His dad worked in Ferrara's, New York in the pastry shop repairing machinery and his mom as a packer. By the age of 20 he became an Executive Chef and was well known by many restaurant owners. His passion to please customers by serving only fresh quality food always gave him pleasure. Jerry worked at Gino’s in Hoboken with his brother and later opened their own restaurant in Jersey City. After 4 years, Jerry struck out on his own with Pastora Ristorante & Pizza.

Jerry still maintains the excitement and passion for producing only the freshest foods. He imports his spices, buffalo mozzarella cheese and tomatoes from Italy. Pastora Ristorante& Pizza prides itself on catering to the special dietary needs of customers with gluten free and wheat pasta. All food is made to order but the length of time is not affected since the special ovens cook seven times faster than a regular oven. Jerry’s wife is also an active part of the restaurant. She overseas the wait staff and supervises their every day grooming making sure their shirts are pressed and appearance is neat. Jerry is most proud of the "consistency" of the food. He prides himself on having customers come to a "safe" place to eat and knows he will achieve this level because, "I am doing it." Coming to Pastora Ristorante & Pizza will truly feel like you are dining in the green pastures to the mountains just like the name implies and feel free to B.Y.O.B. Oh yes, Jerry can create sauces to match your wine selection. A complete catering menu is available and has been very popular in the short time the restaurant is open.